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Horn Speaker
Model HA-305 HA-305T HA-305AMP HA-305USB
Power 30W 20W 30W 40W
Impedance(100v Line) 300Ω / 660Ω With In Amp With In USB
S.P.L(1w/1m±3dB) 93dB 93dB 93dbB 93dbB
Frequency Range 250~12kHz 250~12kHz 250~12kHz 250~12kHz
Lond Speaker 5"x1"t/w 5"x1"t/w 5"x1"t/w 5"x1"t/w
Dimensions(nm) (w x h x d) 120x206x310 120x206x310 120x206x310 120x206x310
Connecting Wire Wire Wire Wire
Mounting Braket
Color Black
USE Restaurants, convenience stores, shops, meeting rooms, stores, including indoor and outdoor installation